The Parish council

Officially opened on the 30th of June, 2001 by the President of the council António Vilar, and is presided over by the mayor of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, and Alfredo Henriques.
There have been many Presidents of the Board who have been through this house, which is to say :

The parish priest, Joaquin, Manuel, Marques, Pinho, 1898
Antonio Alves Ribeiro, 1903
José Rodrigues Ribeiro, 1910
Manuel, Francisco Pinto, 1922
Bernardino Gomes dos Santos of 1923
António Soares De Albergaria In 1936
Dr. António Sampaio Maia, 1939
Manuel Mota Ferreira da Silva, 1945
Luís Dias Pereira, The 1960's
Jose Oliveira, 1972
Manuel Silva Petiz 1975
Mario Ferreira, Mendes, 1977
Dr. Manuel Ferreira Vilar, 1980
Antonio Oliveira, 1983
António De Oliveira Vilar, 1986
Amaro, Bento, Silva And Villar 2005
Nuno João Marques Soares De Albergaria To 2017


The Pool of st John-of-View takes over segments, with a particular specificity. This equipment is designed for the training of the ordinary for the team, Fair, Living, Swimming Custom and a swimming pool with a cover pressostática that is specific to this application, and the other teams, and clubs with a Fair, Living set of protocols, in the sense of the use of this equipment.

During the summer months, the cover is removed, and a swimming Pool in saint John See it work as a piece of equipment is open to the public, with a ticket to the fun activities of summer.

Casa Manuel de Oliveira

Located in Lugar de S.João, it was built in 1967 with the help of the population, both in terms of money and work.
It served as the seat of the Parish Council and Post Office.
Restored between 2003 and 2005, it gave place to Casa Manuel de Oliveira.
The inauguration took place on the 30th of July 2005 and was presided over by the then President of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira Alfredo Henriques.

Functioning of the Social Action and Monitoring Service, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm;

Emília Program on Wednesdays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Music school:
- Monday at 7pm;
- Thursday at 7pm;
- Saturday morning (11am).
Note: there are some classes to be confirmed that may be outside these hours.

The sports complex of the Possibilities

Cultural center

Opened in 1989, and was presided over by the prime minister, Dr. Albino Areosa, adds to the Unit's Health.
It is intended to embrace the cultural activities and any other character that can support them.
The house is open to the People, and belongs to the Parish of St. John's to look at.