Dear Sanjoanenses,

São João de Ver, for the first time in its history, exceeded eleven thousand inhabitants. Eleven thousand and thirty-three specifically, increasing by 4.3% compared to the 2011 census. The number of households also increased by 10.6%, which corresponds to 4063 families residing in São João de Ver. This upward trend can also be seen in the number of dwellings, 4,788, and of buildings, 3,291, increasing by 3.8% and 4.6%, respectively. In 2021 alone, 68 licensing requests were requested from the City Council for the construction of single-family homes and the licensing of 4 horizontal properties. These data clearly show that São João de Ver is a good place to live and that our young people want to stay in the parish to build their lives and, at the same time, it is an attractive village for people not born in São João de To see. This development is the work of everyone: associations, institutions, municipal bodies and above all the Sanjoanenses, this true team of 11 thousand inhabitants. For the year 2022, we have a lot of work ahead: the road network will continue to be the big bet for this year with several repaving, construction of sidewalks, sanitation ducts and water from the public network. The completion of the requalification of the Urbanization of Quinta do Areeiro will be a reality, as well as the paving of Rua da Alegria, Rua Casal Meão and dos Santos. We foresee several street widenings, for example: Rua dos Capiteis, Rua da Lavandeira, Rua Combatentes do Ultramar (places where we already have agreements with the owners), with 4 more streets being “negotiated”. The Caniças Leisure Park will be a reality, as will the requalification of Largo das Airas. We hope to resume sporting and cultural events and always maintain social support, always in partnership with SAAS and the social division of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.
We will continue to respond positively to COVID-19, leaving no Sanjoanense behind. It is now time for a new municipal cycle. Of renewed energy and to comply with what the electoral program adopted in September, so that we can boost this growth of our village.

Nuno Albergaria