Coat of Arms

The cloth of the Flag or Banner: ESQUARTELADO WHITE, AND RED.

Coat of arms is placed in the geometrical center, that is to say, the intersection of the esquartelado.


In the field of silver, is arranged in the head, in the center of the human body as a whole, in front of St. John's, the carnação, and dressed in her performance in the skin of a sheep, as it is the tradition of Heraldry in the Church, holding in his right hand the plate to receive the gift (the food), and on the left, and bearing a wooden cross, a symbol of their faith. The head is illuminated by a halo of sterling silver.
The figure is based on a peanha, according to the tribute paid to him, in essence, to St. John's in the Source is called Nasoni, which was the basis of the study.
At dextra the image of the Saint, a cântara interlocking clay red, trimmed in black, the symbol of a source of material wealth, and art, typical of the Region.
The mix of characters, the silhouette is detailed according to the design of a pine tree ( “Pinus Pinaster” ), out of the green.
Thus, it is shown with a second source of real added value to enhance the wood.
As the sound of four towers, of silver, and the encimar the coat of arms of the Village the agency.
In the lower part of the study, and it set the tone for the Coat, the stripe with the words “ St. John's was in-character, well-cut, easy-to-read from a distance.

Lisbon, 1991
José de Moura